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Jollibee inspires a lot of small businesses right now. Filipinos make us proud indeed. I have seen Jollibee grow. Andun ako sa Cubao noon para kumain na meryenda na cheeseburger sa maliit ng lugar ng Jollibee. Ngayon, sadyang masarap ang cheeseburger sa Jollibee NY. Congratulations!

Business Process Modelling Training

Looks to be different!!But it sounds great!

BMW Middle East

That's lovely knowing this!!!

Balikbayan box

Wow cool photos.Thanks for sharing this pics.Dreaming to visit Hong kong someday.


overnight delivery philippines

I sent a package to my family with a lot of care and love and to my younger sister during her college days in canada from overnight delivery philippines in just 1 day!

Andrew Gould

These glimpses of what would otherwise remain unknown aspects of Filipino life to us outsiders are just so interesting, and you document them so well.

separate box to the philippines

I remember my parents either, they send me also packages when I'm on school.

Daniel Roberts

dodong flores

Hmmm... Filipinas on spotlight :D


love these little slices of pinoy oriented HK images.. :) very nice shot.. :D


Wow those boxes are impressively big.


Second picture - that's a HUGE b-box!!!!


Le grand voyage tout le monde s'affaire


balikbayan boxes are icons of OFWs. I'm expecting one anytime soon :D


those 2 places i didn't see there! oh i missed a lot!

yiannis krikis

very nice reportage work

Michael Rawluk

The idea of the boxes is so cool.


yeah...that's uniquely Filipino, the pasalubong and the balik-bayan box :)

I miss Jollibee so much....


Very interesting to learn of the shipping practices. The success story of the fast food chain is remarkable. I'd like to give it a try! Fine series.


It is always a pleasure to visit your site and learn more about people's life ! Beautiful set , gorgeous pictures !


i want to try little quiapo! ( and of course, the hk jobee) ^^


looks like our modern day heroes are comin' home.

Claude B

oui, il faut être très patiente pour la photo animalière, parfois plusieurs heures à attendre. et quelquefois des heures pour pas grand chose ;))
bonne journée


Great workers there;


Tes photos sont toujours un pretxte à l'humain et c'est ce que j'apprécie en venant chez toi. Bravo!

luna miranda

a Filipino in a foreign country will certainly feel at home in a Jollibee.:P "pasalubong" is a great practice---a Pinoy way of sharing her/his "blessings" and good will.

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